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Independent lighting, Environmental materials, music-teaching, swing function, etc make the ride more enjoyable for your kids. This Jeep has Spring Suspension System which allows Kid to Have a Comfortable Ride on Any Surface.


This jeep is loaded with 12V big battery which gives immense power to run on any flat surface. Ride on jeep has Hi-Fi Dashboard which Includes Start Button, Music System, Swing Option.


Made of safe and good quality material, this jeep provides high performance. Electric jeep is Very safe for children to Ride


UPGRADED FEATURES: Comes with volume control, Horn, One button start ,headlights led, taillights led, led on wheels, Push button start, Forward and backward, double-door opening, music system.


Swing Function, Front And Reverse Gear, Speakers, Door Opens both Side. Remote Control And Self Driven. Pre-loaded Music Panel With USB (Pan Drive) Port. Made of safe and good quality plastic, this jeep provides high performance.

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Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 120 × 110 × 110 cm


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